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February 6: Pozitively Healthy Perspectives on National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

February 5: Leadership Webinar Series Announced


December 16: HealthHIV's HIV Primary Care Training and Certificate ProgramTM for HIV Care Providers Updated and Extended Through 2015

December 10: Hundreds Participating in ASO/CBO Leadership Initiative and Training/Certificate Program

November 24: ASO and CBO Leadership Initiative Launches, Features Online Training and Certificate Program

November 13: ASO and CBO Leadership Initiative to Launch November 24th

September 18: Vaccine Awareness and Aging with HIV

August 22: HealthHIV Awarded CDC Grant for HIV Prevention TA

July 18: In Memory

June 27: Pozitively Healthy Activities for HIV Testing Day

June 11: Report on Exchange Plans and OOP Costs

June 4: HHS Observes LGBT Pride Month

May 2: Primary Care Providers Unprepared to Provide HIV Care Under Health Reform

March 7: HealthHIV Announces Webinar Series

February 7: Pozitively Healthy Recognizes National HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

February 7: Building Capacity in African-American Communities Connected to Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day


December 20:  HealthHIV Receives CDC Grant to Research Community Pharmacists' Impact on HIV Outcomes

November 29:  Ability to Pay for Health Services: Key Barrier Impacting HIV Health

October 11:  HealthHIV Encourages LGBT Patients to Come Out to Their Providers on National Coming Out Day

October 8:  HealthHIV Launches HIV Primary Care Training and Certificate Program

June 26:  HealthHIV Celebrates Supreme Court Ruling

June 14:  HealthHIV Offers Public Comment at FDA Meeting 

May 30:  Fiscal Health Training Held In Nevada

May 29:  HealthHIV Exhibits at IMPACT 2013 Conference

May 23:  Diverse HIV Stakeholders Attend HealthHIV Technical Assistance Meeting in Puerto Rico 

May 22:  White House Invites HealthHIV to "Harvey Milk Champions of Change" Event 

May 17:  HealthHIV Encourages Providers to Test for HCV on Hepatitis Testing Day and Throughout Year

May 8:  Atlanta Training Builds Capacity in Health Departments  

May  1:  HealthHCV Initiative Launched

April 26:  HIV/HCV Co-Infection Summit Facilitated by HealthHIV 

March 28:  HealthHIV Recognizes LBGT Health Awareness Week

March 1:  "Remaining Relevant in the New Reality" Tour Trains ASOs and CBOs to Respond to the Changing HIV Health Care Landscape

March 1:  HealthHIV Hires Staff with Expertise in Community Health and Retention in Care Capacity Building and HIV & LBGT Health Advocacy


July 5:  National HIV Workforce Initiative Adds Residency Program

June 28:  HealthHIV Applauds Supreme Court Ruling

June 26:  HealthHIV Hires Jesus Felizzola, MD, MHSA, MA, As Senior Capacity Building Director

June 1:  HealthHIV Expands Workforce, Prevention and Capacity Building Expertise

February 13:   HealthHIV Expands Workforce and Training Efforts

February 6:   African-American Physicians Believe Stigma Remains Significant Barrier To Routine HIV Testing

January 27:  The State of HIV Primary Care: A Shifting Landscape




December 13:   HealthHIV Board Leadership Announced

December 5: HealthHIV Expands Clinical, Policy, Research Staff

October 28:   HealthHIV Launches Educational Program To Support
 AIDS Service & Community-Based Organizations

July 28:  HealthHIV Calls on Primary Care Providers to Address Hepatitis

June 27:  HealthHIV Convenes New Orleans HIV Summit to Drive Collaboration Between Community & Government

June 24:  HealthHIV Calls on Mayors to Prioritize HIV Prevention

June 16:  D.C.'s Annual Report on HIV Reveals Improvements/Challenges

May 13:  Early Initiation of Drug Therapy Significantly Reduces HIV Transmission

May 12:  HealthHIV & National Women and AIDS Collective Recognize National Women's Health Week

May 6:  HealthHIV Hires Prevention and Policy Manager

May 4:  Survey Reveals Ryan White Administrators' Identify Grants Management as Top Training Need

March 23:  HealthHIV Statement on Anniversary of Affordable Care Act 

March 10:  HealthHIV & The National Women and AIDS Collective Recognize National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day




January 7:  HealthHIV Expands Staff

January 14:  HealthHIV To Work With CDC To Increase Mayoral HIV Awareness

January 20:  Clínica Local Mejorando sus Servicios de HIV

March 12:  National HIV Non-Profit Moving Into "Real World" House

April 27:  Budget Crisis Facing California's HIV Clinics Examined at San Bernardino Workshop

May 10:  "Multiculturalism" Survey Reveals Differing Views Between Hispanics/Asians and Caucasians/African Americans

May 12:  State of HIV Primary Care Survey Finds HIV Caseload Increasing Among Primary Care Providers

June 8:  Numerous HealthHIV Abstracts Selected for American Public Health Association Annual Meeting

June 25:  HealthHIV Releases HIV Prevention Resource Guide For Mayors

July 19:  U.S. Oil Spill Impacts HIV Services Along Gulf Coast

August 30:  HealthHIV Expands Board of Directors with HIV Primary Care, Minority Health, and HIV Medical Education Experts

November 22:  HealthHIV Receives Major Grant to Provide Capacity Building on HIV Care in Minority Communities through Community Health Centers

December 1:  HealthHIV Marks World AIDS Day Releases HIV Guide for Primary Care Providers

December 2:  HealthHIV Applauds Inclusion of LGBT Health As part of Healthy People 2020

December 15:  HealthHIV Honors Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums with "Leadership in HIV Prevention" Award




November 3:  HealthHIV Hosts Mississippi Workshop Examining Treatment of Minority Women Living With HIV

December 1:  National HIV Non-Profit Announces New Name


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