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Who We Are and Why We Need You


The Pozitively Healthy Coalition is a national advocacy coalition composed of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) and their allies, including friends and family, as well as leaders and advocates in the HIV movement. Pozitively Healthy advocates and educates so that the HIV community is, and remains, positively healthy.

The Coalition seeks to advance equitable access to HIV competent healthcare and evidence-based treatment for the 1.1 million PLWHA in the United States by identifying and responding to HIV consumer-reported barriers.

Managed by HealthHIV, Pozitively Healthy is guided by a National Steering Committee (NSC).

If you are interested in joining the Pozitively Healthy coalition, please contact Julio Fonseca at 202-507-4723 / , or Carmelita Whitfield at 202-507-4744 /

Pozitively Healthy Brochure


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Click here to view the Pozitively Healthy brochure


At Risk? Vaccinate Now! Campaign

On National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day (NHAAAD), the Pozitively Healthy consumer coalition announced a partnership with Pfizer to launch an awareness campaign about aging, HIV, and vaccination called, At Risk? Vaccinate Now! The campaign will raise awareness about the risk of pneumococcal pneumonia and flu to those 50 years and older in the HIV community and the importance of staying up to date with all CDC recommended vaccinations. The messaging will be distributed nationally through social media, partner organizations, and an upcoming webinar. The timing of this campaign is critical as we enter into the winter months and the incidence of respiratory diseases increases.

An aging immune system coupled with certain chronic health conditions, including HIV, can leave your immune system weakened and even more vulnerable to serious diseases. Individuals 50 years or older with HIV are at four to six times greater risk of pneumococcal pneumonia than healthy adults.

The US Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that people living with HIV (PLWH) be immunized against influenza, pneumococcal pneumonia, hepatitis b and certain other infectious diseases, which their body may have trouble fighting.

Click here to read the news release on the campaign.

Vaccine Infographic SS
As part of the At Risk? Vaccinate Now! campaign, the Pozitively Healthy coalition, in partnership with Pfizer, has released an infographic on the risk of pneumococcal pneumonia and the flu to older adults and the importance of vaccination. Click here to view the infographic.


HIV Care Saves Lives

Viral suppression is key for people living with HIV. Viral suppression means having very low levels of HIV in the body, even though the virus is still there. Achieving viral suppression by taking HIV medicines allows people living with HIV to have nearly normal lifespans and greatly reduces their chances of transmitting the virus. Click here to visit and learn more about how HIV care saves lives.

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Click here to view the infographic

Affordable Care Act and Ryan White: Learn About Reform 


The first step for anyone seeking to engage in ACA implementation is to become informed. Multiple activities are under way and many resources are available to guide states, agencies, and consumers. Start here, at the Target Center, the starting point for everything you need to know about the ACA. 


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Overview: The presenters are Clare McBee from the Connect 2 Care Program at Chicago House, Joann Grove from the Early Intervention Services Program at the Pueblo Community Health Center, and Justin Goforth from the Red Carpet Program at Whitman Walker Health.

Webinar Objectives: Identify consumer needs along the HIV care continuum; highlight high-performing models of excellence; discuss the evolving provider-patient relationship; analyze successes along the HIV care continuum; and engage beyond the continuum

Webinar Slide Decks

Overview: The presenters are Amy Leonard from Legacy Community Health Centers and Mackey Friedman from Project Silk, University of Pittsburgh.

Webinar Objectives: Identify innovative HIV prevention strategies targeting high-risk MSM

Webinar Slide Decks


National Consumer Survey


Pozitively Healthy has releasing the results of its National Consumer Survey in honor of World AIDS Day. Click here to read the press release, “Ability to Pay for Health Services: Key Barrier Impacting HIV Health."
Below are several charts illustrating some of the common trends discerned from the survey. 

Additional Information

  • Resources concerning health reform are available here
  • Be heard - complete the brief Pozitively Healthy Questionnaire today by clicking here
  • For additional information about the NSC, click here
  • For additional consumer resources, click here


To learn more about the Pozitively Healthy Coalition you can email Julio Fonseca, Program Manager, .  Also visit us on:
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  • Twitter --; @HealthHIV
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