Upcoming Education & Training Opportunities 

HealthHIV is always looking for new ways to link primary care providers with education and training opportunities in order that they may gain HIV experience and expertise in HIV testing, treatment, care, and support. Here are a few programs helping grow the number of healthcare providers with the needed expertise and commitment to provide care for HIV positive patients.

**Please note, this is not a complete list of education and training opportunities available and HealthHIV makes no claims as to the availability or eligibility of any opportunity listed. Any questions about these opportunities should be directed to the agency claiming responsiblity.**

HealthHIV Fiscal Health Trainings
May 29-39, Las Vegas, Nevada
June 17-18, New Brunswick, New Jersey
June 25-26, Nashville, Tennessee

HealthHIV, as part of its HRSA/HAB-supported Fiscal Health project, will be conducting a series of regional trainings throughout summer 2013

The trainings will focus on HRSA program and fiscal requirements and contracts management with specifications for the states in which they are slated to take place. The knowledge and training emphasis will pertain to monitoring standards, budgeting, fiscal standards and quality controls for sub grantees and vendors.

Topics to be presented include: Roles of Fiscal and Program Staff and Priming the Pump Program Requirements

The training will culminate with proactive collaborative discussions relative to monitoring and site visit systems review amongst the grantee and vendors. 

Subject matter expert consultants will lead the interactive community learning segments focusing on fiscal sustainability and accountability.

To participate, fill out the Fiscal Health Partnership Application. 


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